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Our furniture is designed, tested, and constructed from the finest material available and each piece is handcrafted to exacting standards by pros who know the product.

We use the best choice of the five available cedar varieties, which is Western Red Cedar. It the most bug & decay resistant of all of the cedars because it tends to have the highest natural oil content. Click the Education tab on the site to learn more about cedar.

We can make our product line in many different woods; however, there are qualities in cedar that are hard to match. It is light in weight and yet very strong. Did you know that WRC is 50% lighter than oak and has 80% the strength that oak has? Cedar is also very dimensionally stable and is not prone to warping like other woods.

  1. The natural occurring chemicals in cedar that make the wood insect and rot resistant also react to certain cheaper metals causing ugly rust stains. These chemicals are called tannins and are acidic in nature when they get wet. When alloys are exposed to this acidic tannin, rusting will occur. This process has NO EFFECT ON STAINLESS.
  2. Black Hills Adirondack is committed to quality, and stainless hardware can be left exposed to the elements and it will not rust. The people who purchase our products know that they will last for generations when they are properly cared for.

Poly wood furniture should be called plastic want-to-be-wood because that is what it is. It is plastic, very heavy, and hot in sunlight. It becomes brittle in below freezing temperatures. Cedar has a natural temperature co-efficient allowing it to maintain more steady temperatures. Yes, it’s true. OK, plastic comes in colors.

Proper care for outdoor furniture is really nothing more than a little common sense. Don’t abuse it by using it for things it was not intended. Clean it once in a while with a diluted bleach solution by simply wiping with a sponge, rinse, and let dry.

For even better care: Clean and cover when storing.
Best care: Stain/finish when new, clean when necessary, cover after each use, and store indoors when possible.

Actually, the materials used in the construction of our furniture are used because of their ability to be able to withstand 24/7 conditions. Your furniture will age at a faster rate, and the sun will bleach unfinished cedar to a rustic silver/gray look. As cedar ages it will undergo a process called checking, which is normal ageing characterized by small fissures, which sometimes look like small linear splits. This is what can add to that rustic look. In more severe cases of checking, the wood may look cracked or split.

Checking rarely affects strength, integrity or performance and is characteristic in wood as it ages. Another reason Black Hills Adirondack uses five/quarter inch thick WRC is because it tends to resist checking better than thinner 3/4 or 7/8 inch thick materials that cheaper competitors use.

Absolutely. It makes a great Saturday family project. Click on the Education tab for tips on finishing.

Normal wait time is three to six weeks.

Yes, a few distributor options are available and qualify for whole sale pricing usually involves the purchase of display package. Call or contact us for details.